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iAnnotate for PDF Documents: An A-1 App!

If you work with PDF documents or photographs and need to annotate them then this is the app for you. The application seamlessly allows you to mark up PDF documents with symbols, highlighting, hand written and typed notes. You can also insert pop-up comments as well.

The application allows you to take full advantage of the iPads touch screen by allowing easy navigation of the apps controls which be customized to fit you needs. This app is pretty amazing as it allows you to do things that previously could only be accomplished with a pen, highlighter, typewriter and post-its. Once completed, your document has a side menu with a shorthand listing of your annotations.

You can email the document directly through the program. The email generated by the app creates a short summary of your annotations. The app also includes a library which you can easily navigate organize and manage your annotated documents.

The program has drop down help menus and tips. The documentation for operating the app is very clearly written and organized for ready reference. The controls are intuitive and easy to operate. Documents can easily be accessed from outside sources such as DropBox. This is really an impressive application which is quite affordable at only $9.99 for all it does. With nearly 500 five star ratings by the apps purchasers, I am not alone in my opinion that iAnnotate is an A-1 app.