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Posterize yourself and friends

Have you ever wanted to make your own Obama styled “Hope Poster.” Need a motivational tool for your family and co-workers? Well, I have a couple of apps just for you. HOPE Poster and Motivational are two apps to fit the bill. The HOPE Poster app is currently free and allows you to turn your own photos into an Obama style poster. You simply select your photo and scale it. Once you select your color scheme, the photo is posterized and you are free to add your description below. Below is a poster of my two daughters.

Or perhaps you want to motivate those around you with the perfect poster. Well, the Motivational app will do the job for the cost of just $0.99. You select, scale and adjust the darkness and shadows of your photo to create just the right mood for your motivational message. Once you have perfected your picture, you can add your title and motivational tag line. Both programs allow you to share your posters via email or on social networks. Below is a motivational poster I’d like to share with my daughter’s dates!