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WolframAlpha – A Scientific Wonder

WolframAlpha is app like no other app. It is amazing all that it can do. Want to find basic statistical data for a city or town? Need to calculate the braking distance for a passenger vehicle traveling 60 MPH on asphalt? How about the blood alcohol level of a person of a given weight and sex? Want know what phase of the moon was present on a particular date and local? Wolfram Alpha can do it all whether it is mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics, regression analysis, transportation questions, dietary information, conversion of measures, etc. It is an amazing computing device and source of information. It almost like science fiction to it solve problems you present to it. The app is great for students and information junkies, alike. Below is an example of the app determining the blood alcohol level for a 155 pound man and a graph plotting his blood alcohol level over time.