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Temple Run: The Indiana Jones of Game Apps

20120221-154026.jpgThis an addicting action game that will keep you running for hours on end just a few steps ahead of an angry group of monkeys. You make you way through a maze of walkways as you pick up coins and powers that allow you to become invisible or run through the maze at breakneck speed. The graphics are amazing which play to┬ájungle drums and shrieking moneys. You run, jump and slide you way through various obstacles such as hollowed out tree trunks, rings of fire, damaged walkways, and rocky ledges. This game is easy to learn but tough to master. The app is free, but you can buy coins for a price if you don’t have the patience to earn them on your own. It is available for both the iPhone and iPad, however the iPad version is a little more difficult to beat. Below are couple of screen shots from this app.