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Well its that time of year again and everyone in my home State of Indiana is basketball crazy.  Here in Indiana work seems to really shuts down the first weekend of the tournament which I also thinks is the best.  Because things get so busy at work and in my life it is difficult to stay up to date on the action.  The CBS NCAA app is a life saver.  It will allow you streams the games and access information through either your iPhone or iPad.  I used it last night while at the Butler game and was very impressed with the TV like quality of the picture.  The technology has really improved from my early days of streaming games on my 1st generation iPhone.   The only drawback was the inability to pick up the studio show in between the 1st round playing games.  In addition to watching the games you can receive the various type of updates and message should a big upset happen.   The top picture is from my iPad while the bottom picture is from my iPhone.  The cost of $3.99 seems to be putting some people off which is crazy since this is less than a Starbucks Specialty drink.  Hope you enjoy your hoops baby! 


Mobile Monet HD: Transforms Your Photos into Works of Art

This is a very intuitive and easy program to use for purposes of transforming your pictures into art. The controls are easy to use and forgiving if you want to alter or change yoru picture. You have a multitude of options if you wish to share your picture with others via the email or through Internet social sites. The app takes your photographs and coverts them to pen and ink drawings which you can color creating a pen and ink watercolor from your photos. The controls also allow you convert the picture to a monochromatic work of art as well. If you make a mistake you can undo your change or use the erase function to eliminate coloring that does not suit your tastes. The erase tool allows you to remove coloring in selected areas. You will be happy you purchased the app. This app is available in an iPhone format or HD format which is compatible with both devices and takes advantage of the iPad’s extra screen size.
Below is a “before” and “after” picture in a saltwater marsh in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


20120115-133820.jpg. Below is a picture of my father getting his haircut which could easily pass for a commissioned watercolor painting.


iCloud: My Understanding of It is a Bit Clouded


Well, I recently took the plunge and transferred over my MobileMe Account to iCloud.  What is iCloud you say?  Well it is Apple’s attempt to use of push technology to allow you to store all your data in an electronic cloud.  This includes calendars, contacts, email (only MobileMe), apps, iBook,  and your other  iTunes purchases.  For an extra charge of $24.00/year you can also upload all your music (including non-apple purchases) to the cloud for use on all of your machines through iMatch.  When you change something on one machine it gets updated on all your phones, iPads and devices.  This can prove to be a problem if you share your iTune account with other family members.  They will end up with all your contacts and vice versa.  My son now has hundreds of business contacts on his cellphone which he does not want.  Yow!!!

There are other problems as well.  My trouble began with my move from MobileMe to iCloud and has yet to be fully resolved.  I suspect part of the problem is caused by my use of a PC based computer and Outlook with Apple’s products such as my iPhone and iPad. I am unable to transfer my Mobile Me email address to the iCloud in spite of hours on-line working with an Apple Technician over multiple sessions to try and resolve the issue.  The iCloud program will only allow you to use a single Apple Mobile Me.Com email account with iTunes.   This limitation hinders the functionality of your devices.  I have also had difficulty getting my existing Mobile Me account to work with iTunes and iCloud because I used a personal email account to set up my iTunes account years ago before subscribing to the iCloud and it’s forerunner, Mobile Me.  So I wait and wait to see how this problem will be resolved…  From what I have heard from other sources, I am not the only one having issues with the fog of transition caused by iCloud technology.  That being said, the Apple technician I have worked with has been pleasant, responsive and as helpful as she can be.    Unfortunately, it seems Apple has rushed out this technology without first adequately beta testing it.   Hopefully, these glitches will be resolved in the near future and the iCloud will be as responsive as its human technicians.

Picture Perfect: Fine tune your picture perfectly!

Want to make your pictures look their best, than Picture Perfect is the App for you. Adjust your pictures for color, exposure, contrast, brightness, and crop your image as well. Once you have perfected your photograph you can readily save the picture, email it or upload it to Facebook or Twitter. The program has a easy to use menu system which can be readily navigated. I especially like the ability to photo shop my picture right on my iPhone. So starting shooting your pictures on your iPhone and make them picture perfect.


The Sleep Cycle App: Good Night and Good Luck!

Did you ever feel as if you got up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning? Ever wonder why you feel so tired even though you’ve slept a full eight hours? Well maybe your sleeping and waking stages are simply out of sync.  We all run through various cycles of sleep during the night. If you wake up while still in a deep-sleep stage of your cycle, you will undoubtedly feel tired and listless. Enter the Sleep Cycle App which assures you of waking up while you’re in a lite stage of sleep.   You simply open up the app on your iPhone, hook your iPhone to it’s power supply, turn on the app and place your iPhone face down next to your pillow. The motion sensor in your iPhone records your various stages of sleep wakes you up near your appointed time provided you’re in a lite stage of sleep. The program also graphically records your various stages of sleep for ready reference and analysis once you have woken up.

So get the Sleep Cycle App… sweet dreams are just around the corner.

Keep Up With Your Fellow Bloggers

Keeping with your favorite blogs has never easier than with Offline Reader. The application allows you to pick from the usual suspects in news for offline reading. It also allows you to search the Internet to find less known blogs. You can then manually set search criteria or enter in the blog’s address. The app will at your command update the blogs you are following. Best of all you can read them later off-line. Now you have no excuses for not reading a blog.

How Much for that House

Ever wonder how much your boss’s house is worth? Are you in need of information on what comparable properties are selling for in a particular area? Just curious, perhaps? Well Zillow is the app for you and it’s free. Put in a zip code, address or use your location and a map with prices pops up. You can also access listings and filter results by a home’s square footage, number of bedrooms, number of baths and other property features.  Here are some of the listed features:

  • See Zestimate value of any home
  • See Rent Zestimates on most U.S. homes, condos, apartments, and townhouses
  • iPhone app for searching real estate: homes for sale, Make Me Move® homes, homes for rent, and more
  • Filter searches by price, beds, baths, and more
  • Search by monthly payment
  • Full-screen color photos
  • Save your searches
  • View saved searches from your Favorites tab
  • Get notified when new results come in (via Push Notifications)
  • E-mail homes to a friend
  • Share homes on Facebook & Twitter
  • High-resolution aerial maps

So satisfy your curiosity, now.


360 Degrees of Panoramic Spendor

The app 360 allows you to easily take panoramic photos with your iPhone camera. This is the best app for taking such pictures. It is far superior to similar apps such as Pano. You simply sweep the skyline and the camera does the rest. There is a built in level with a grid to help you evenly sweep and create a panoramic photo. The image above was taken with the 360 photo app and later cropped to even the edges. How about that view!

iPhone the Missing Manual

iPhone the Missing Manual is an app that is really a very cool interactive operations manual that will help you master the full potential of your iPhone. It has hyper-texted links to outside sources and other portions of the manual. Your learn how to use your settings, master your music collection, set up your email, utilize apps, get ibooks, watch movies and organize your life. Screen shots of iTunes and the iPhone in action are used to guide you through the various functions and settings for your iPhone. It is a manual that is always with you because it’s an app on your iPhone. It’s definitely one app I will never delete.

iPhone Birding Made Easy

The iBird series of apps provide one the most comprehensive resources available for those who love bird watching. The apps range in complexity and usefulness from those who bird watch in their backyard (iBird Backyard +) to one designed for a globe-trotting professional ornithologist (iBird Explorer Pro). The app’s price varies from free to $29.00 for the pro version. The app features photos, drawings, habitat description, range maps, favorite food and the bird’s various songs. It suggests similar birds based upon appearance and the bird’s song. You can also search by specifying certain criteria about the bird’s appearance. The iBird Explorer “Plus” is a full featured interactive field guide to all birds of North America and covers every species found in North America, Canada, Hawaii, and all coasts and islands. It even includes birds that are extinct. iBird Explorer Pro includes even more features which appeal to professional birders. In addition regional versions of the program are available for various portions of the USA and select countries. these programs blow away anything in print. There is no other resource that delivers so many features in such a portable format. This is one app that isn’t for the birds and is worth the money.