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Ploy-Frame: How to Frame Your Best Friend.

20120326-222324.jpgPoly-Frame is a pretty cool app for those who would like to display several photos together. It allows you to use preset frames and fill them with you family and friends. You can easily fine tune the position of the photograph as well as the frame’s color, design and width. It functions quite intuitively and allows you to share these photos via email or social media or store the in your camera roll. Below is a photo collage I created with Poly-Frame.



Posterize yourself and friends

Have you ever wanted to make your own Obama styled “Hope Poster.” Need a motivational tool for your family and co-workers? Well, I have a couple of apps just for you. HOPE Poster and Motivational are two apps to fit the bill. The HOPE Poster app is currently free and allows you to turn your own photos into an Obama style poster. You simply select your photo and scale it. Once you select your color scheme, the photo is posterized and you are free to add your description below. Below is a poster of my two daughters.

Or perhaps you want to motivate those around you with the perfect poster. Well, the Motivational app will do the job for the cost of just $0.99. You select, scale and adjust the darkness and shadows of your photo to create just the right mood for your motivational message. Once you have perfected your picture, you can add your title and motivational tag line. Both programs allow you to share your posters via email or on social networks. Below is a motivational poster I’d like to share with my daughter’s dates!


AutoStitch: panoramic pictures as easy as 1-2-3!

AutoStitch allows you to create hi-resolution panoramic photos with your iPhone that are truly stunning. You simply take a series of overlapping photographs as you rotate from a fixed position and the app stitches the photos together to form a single high resolution picture. I have used other apps which do the same thing, but I really feel like this app is the best. The quality of the panoramic photo is quite good. The photo above of Hinkle Fieldhouse on the Butler campus was created with my iPhone and was stitched together from 9 separate photos.

As the screen view above from the app demonstrates, the process is pretty simple. I believe the photos are exceptional because you can stead the camera for each individual photograph which leads to a sharper image overall. Also, the process of stitching together more photos leads to greater data and therefore higher resolution. Try it. You will be impressed.

Top Camera App has it all.


Top Camera is an app that combines a digital photo/video camera and a number of photo shop tools into a single app. Pictures can be shot in landscape or portrait format. The camera allows live adjustments for contrast, brightness, saturation and temperature. It enables your iPad or iPhone to employ the use of a timer, image stabilizer and a high dynamic range feature to improve the quality of your pictures. You can adjust the shutter speed and can also take rapid burst of photos up to 6 per second. There is an on-screen level and grid display which also you to properly position your camera and compose your picture. There is also a digital zoom feature as well. Top camera also allows you to edit your picture by cropping, rotating, adjusting color, saturation, brightness and contrast. There are also various effects which may be superimposed on your image as well as borders. The program retains the original photo making it possible to revert back to your original picture. You are also able to share photos with little difficulty through social websites or via email. You can also record movies with the video camera. The app has received high ratings from other users. The app is a bargain price wise as well at $2.99. A free version is available as well with more limited options and tools. The picture above was taken and edited with Top Camera.

Mobile Monet HD: Transforms Your Photos into Works of Art

This is a very intuitive and easy program to use for purposes of transforming your pictures into art. The controls are easy to use and forgiving if you want to alter or change yoru picture. You have a multitude of options if you wish to share your picture with others via the email or through Internet social sites. The app takes your photographs and coverts them to pen and ink drawings which you can color creating a pen and ink watercolor from your photos. The controls also allow you convert the picture to a monochromatic work of art as well. If you make a mistake you can undo your change or use the erase function to eliminate coloring that does not suit your tastes. The erase tool allows you to remove coloring in selected areas. You will be happy you purchased the app. This app is available in an iPhone format or HD format which is compatible with both devices and takes advantage of the iPad’s extra screen size.
Below is a “before” and “after” picture in a saltwater marsh in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


20120115-133820.jpg. Below is a picture of my father getting his haircut which could easily pass for a commissioned watercolor painting.