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Ploy-Frame: How to Frame Your Best Friend.

20120326-222324.jpgPoly-Frame is a pretty cool app for those who would like to display several photos together. It allows you to use preset frames and fill them with you family and friends. You can easily fine tune the position of the photograph as well as the frame’s color, design and width. It functions quite intuitively and allows you to share these photos via email or social media or store the in your camera roll. Below is a photo collage I created with Poly-Frame.




Well its that time of year again and everyone in my home State of Indiana is basketball crazy.  Here in Indiana work seems to really shuts down the first weekend of the tournament which I also thinks is the best.  Because things get so busy at work and in my life it is difficult to stay up to date on the action.  The CBS NCAA app is a life saver.  It will allow you streams the games and access information through either your iPhone or iPad.  I used it last night while at the Butler game and was very impressed with the TV like quality of the picture.  The technology has really improved from my early days of streaming games on my 1st generation iPhone.   The only drawback was the inability to pick up the studio show in between the 1st round playing games.  In addition to watching the games you can receive the various type of updates and message should a big upset happen.   The top picture is from my iPad while the bottom picture is from my iPhone.  The cost of $3.99 seems to be putting some people off which is crazy since this is less than a Starbucks Specialty drink.  Hope you enjoy your hoops baby!