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WolframAlpha – A Scientific Wonder

WolframAlpha is app like no other app. It is amazing all that it can do. Want to find basic statistical data for a city or town? Need to calculate the braking distance for a passenger vehicle traveling 60 MPH on asphalt? How about the blood alcohol level of a person of a given weight and sex? Want know what phase of the moon was present on a particular date and local? Wolfram Alpha can do it all whether it is mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics, regression analysis, transportation questions, dietary information, conversion of measures, etc. It is an amazing computing device and source of information. It almost like science fiction to it solve problems you present to it. The app is great for students and information junkies, alike. Below is an example of the app determining the blood alcohol level for a 155 pound man and a graph plotting his blood alcohol level over time.




Top Camera App has it all.


Top Camera is an app that combines a digital photo/video camera and a number of photo shop tools into a single app. Pictures can be shot in landscape or portrait format. The camera allows live adjustments for contrast, brightness, saturation and temperature. It enables your iPad or iPhone to employ the use of a timer, image stabilizer and a high dynamic range feature to improve the quality of your pictures. You can adjust the shutter speed and can also take rapid burst of photos up to 6 per second. There is an on-screen level and grid display which also you to properly position your camera and compose your picture. There is also a digital zoom feature as well. Top camera also allows you to edit your picture by cropping, rotating, adjusting color, saturation, brightness and contrast. There are also various effects which may be superimposed on your image as well as borders. The program retains the original photo making it possible to revert back to your original picture. You are also able to share photos with little difficulty through social websites or via email. You can also record movies with the video camera. The app has received high ratings from other users. The app is a bargain price wise as well at $2.99. A free version is available as well with more limited options and tools. The picture above was taken and edited with Top Camera.

Flipboard: All your social media and news in one place

20120125-151034.jpg Flipboard is an app which allows you to collect all of your news and social media items in one spot. You can log in to your Flickr,Twitter or Facebook account and have it appear on your Flipboard page under its own heading. The interface is similar to an electronic newspaper with the ability to electronically flip through pages of news and social information. You are required to set up an account with Flipboard in order to access all of its features. The app is free and does have advertisements mixed in with your news content. The interface is pretty slick as it mimics actually turning a page. It is easy to navigate and set up as well. So give it a try.

Action Movie FX: Blowing Up Your Boss’s Car Has Never Been So Much Fun or Easier

This is a free app you have to get!  It is the best free app since Songify and has something in common.  Action Movie FX put you right in the middle of your own a special effects action movie.  Every wanted to join the likes of Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger in your own action scene? Well in a matter of 5 seconds you can have an automobile tumble towards you, have you home crushed by a meteorite or blow up your boss’s car.  Best of all its free.  However, you can buy other in app special effects such as a tornado, machine gun fire fight, jet plane crashing or side swiping a police car.  Sound effects are included. Action Movie Fx puts a little movie magic in your hands via your iPhone.  You simply chose your action scene video, film your subject and process the video.  It all happens in a matter of seconds through the magic of your iPhone.  You have never laughed so hard as when you blow up your boss or co-worker’s car or better yet see their reaction.  You can share your action clip with friends via email or Facebook as well.  Below is a slide show of out-takes from the FxVideo of what happens at our office if you leave too early…

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Mobile Monet HD: Transforms Your Photos into Works of Art

This is a very intuitive and easy program to use for purposes of transforming your pictures into art. The controls are easy to use and forgiving if you want to alter or change yoru picture. You have a multitude of options if you wish to share your picture with others via the email or through Internet social sites. The app takes your photographs and coverts them to pen and ink drawings which you can color creating a pen and ink watercolor from your photos. The controls also allow you convert the picture to a monochromatic work of art as well. If you make a mistake you can undo your change or use the erase function to eliminate coloring that does not suit your tastes. The erase tool allows you to remove coloring in selected areas. You will be happy you purchased the app. This app is available in an iPhone format or HD format which is compatible with both devices and takes advantage of the iPad’s extra screen size.
Below is a “before” and “after” picture in a saltwater marsh in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


20120115-133820.jpg. Below is a picture of my father getting his haircut which could easily pass for a commissioned watercolor painting.