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iCloud: My Understanding of It is a Bit Clouded


Well, I recently took the plunge and transferred over my MobileMe Account to iCloud.  What is iCloud you say?  Well it is Apple’s attempt to use of push technology to allow you to store all your data in an electronic cloud.  This includes calendars, contacts, email (only MobileMe), apps, iBook,  and your other  iTunes purchases.  For an extra charge of $24.00/year you can also upload all your music (including non-apple purchases) to the cloud for use on all of your machines through iMatch.  When you change something on one machine it gets updated on all your phones, iPads and devices.  This can prove to be a problem if you share your iTune account with other family members.  They will end up with all your contacts and vice versa.  My son now has hundreds of business contacts on his cellphone which he does not want.  Yow!!!

There are other problems as well.  My trouble began with my move from MobileMe to iCloud and has yet to be fully resolved.  I suspect part of the problem is caused by my use of a PC based computer and Outlook with Apple’s products such as my iPhone and iPad. I am unable to transfer my Mobile Me email address to the iCloud in spite of hours on-line working with an Apple Technician over multiple sessions to try and resolve the issue.  The iCloud program will only allow you to use a single Apple Mobile Me.Com email account with iTunes.   This limitation hinders the functionality of your devices.  I have also had difficulty getting my existing Mobile Me account to work with iTunes and iCloud because I used a personal email account to set up my iTunes account years ago before subscribing to the iCloud and it’s forerunner, Mobile Me.  So I wait and wait to see how this problem will be resolved…  From what I have heard from other sources, I am not the only one having issues with the fog of transition caused by iCloud technology.  That being said, the Apple technician I have worked with has been pleasant, responsive and as helpful as she can be.    Unfortunately, it seems Apple has rushed out this technology without first adequately beta testing it.   Hopefully, these glitches will be resolved in the near future and the iCloud will be as responsive as its human technicians.