Monthly Archives: August 2011

Using a New Blue Tooth Keyboard

The New Trent Bluetooth keyboard is smartly designed. It allows for typing on your iPad via a Bluetooth connection. The case is smartly designed and the charging cable is stored on board in a “secret compartment”. The keyboard charged fully in about an hour after being hooked up to my desktop computer at work.

The case is well designed and allows easy access to all buttons and does not obstruct the front facing camera lens. The case includes a silicone cover for the keyboard which is translucent and allows typing even with the cover in place. The case is so well integrated with the iPad 2 that it makes it appear as if it’s a notebook as opposed to an iPad. The keyboard when closed securely clicks shut and automatically turns off your iPad 2. I highly recommend the New Trend Bluetooth keyboard for use by anyone. on the go who does heavy typing on their iPad 2. The cost for me through Amazon Marketplace was approximately $50 including shipping. Quite a bargain, if I do say so myself.


Picture Perfect: Fine tune your picture perfectly!

Want to make your pictures look their best, than Picture Perfect is the App for you. Adjust your pictures for color, exposure, contrast, brightness, and crop your image as well. Once you have perfected your photograph you can readily save the picture, email it or upload it to Facebook or Twitter. The program has a easy to use menu system which can be readily navigated. I especially like the ability to photo shop my picture right on my iPhone. So starting shooting your pictures on your iPhone and make them picture perfect.


iPad 2: I’m moving on up.

I was looking for a program that could emulate the structure of my file system I use for jury trials. I looked at several programs that were touted as the answer for use on my new iPad 2 I received for my birthday. I looked at all the Apple App World had to offer to no avail. I download one such program and found it to be slow and cumbersome to navigate through. I needed something with multiple tabs that could take advantage of the iPad touch-screen to navigate quickly to pull up needed information. This has always been one of the limitations of a laptop… its hard to navigate and pull up information as fast as you can with a well organized physical file. After giving up hope, I came across such app called simply “Outline” for the iPad. It will import notebooks from from the Microsoft program One-Note for ready use on the iPad. It works quite well and best of all it’s free. The materials are all organized just like my files and you can link documents such as depositions, medical journals and pleadings are linked for full review.


The Sleep Cycle App: Good Night and Good Luck!

Did you ever feel as if you got up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning? Ever wonder why you feel so tired even though you’ve slept a full eight hours? Well maybe your sleeping and waking stages are simply out of sync.  We all run through various cycles of sleep during the night. If you wake up while still in a deep-sleep stage of your cycle, you will undoubtedly feel tired and listless. Enter the Sleep Cycle App which assures you of waking up while you’re in a lite stage of sleep.   You simply open up the app on your iPhone, hook your iPhone to it’s power supply, turn on the app and place your iPhone face down next to your pillow. The motion sensor in your iPhone records your various stages of sleep wakes you up near your appointed time provided you’re in a lite stage of sleep. The program also graphically records your various stages of sleep for ready reference and analysis once you have woken up.

So get the Sleep Cycle App… sweet dreams are just around the corner.

Keep Up With Your Fellow Bloggers

Keeping with your favorite blogs has never easier than with Offline Reader. The application allows you to pick from the usual suspects in news for offline reading. It also allows you to search the Internet to find less known blogs. You can then manually set search criteria or enter in the blog’s address. The app will at your command update the blogs you are following. Best of all you can read them later off-line. Now you have no excuses for not reading a blog.

How Much for that House

Ever wonder how much your boss’s house is worth? Are you in need of information on what comparable properties are selling for in a particular area? Just curious, perhaps? Well Zillow is the app for you and it’s free. Put in a zip code, address or use your location and a map with prices pops up. You can also access listings and filter results by a home’s square footage, number of bedrooms, number of baths and other property features.  Here are some of the listed features:

  • See Zestimate value of any home
  • See Rent Zestimates on most U.S. homes, condos, apartments, and townhouses
  • iPhone app for searching real estate: homes for sale, Make Me Move® homes, homes for rent, and more
  • Filter searches by price, beds, baths, and more
  • Search by monthly payment
  • Full-screen color photos
  • Save your searches
  • View saved searches from your Favorites tab
  • Get notified when new results come in (via Push Notifications)
  • E-mail homes to a friend
  • Share homes on Facebook & Twitter
  • High-resolution aerial maps

So satisfy your curiosity, now.


360 Degrees of Panoramic Spendor

The app 360 allows you to easily take panoramic photos with your iPhone camera. This is the best app for taking such pictures. It is far superior to similar apps such as Pano. You simply sweep the skyline and the camera does the rest. There is a built in level with a grid to help you evenly sweep and create a panoramic photo. The image above was taken with the 360 photo app and later cropped to even the edges. How about that view!

iPhone the Missing Manual

iPhone the Missing Manual is an app that is really a very cool interactive operations manual that will help you master the full potential of your iPhone. It has hyper-texted links to outside sources and other portions of the manual. Your learn how to use your settings, master your music collection, set up your email, utilize apps, get ibooks, watch movies and organize your life. Screen shots of iTunes and the iPhone in action are used to guide you through the various functions and settings for your iPhone. It is a manual that is always with you because it’s an app on your iPhone. It’s definitely one app I will never delete.

iPhone Birding Made Easy

The iBird series of apps provide one the most comprehensive resources available for those who love bird watching. The apps range in complexity and usefulness from those who bird watch in their backyard (iBird Backyard +) to one designed for a globe-trotting professional ornithologist (iBird Explorer Pro). The app’s price varies from free to $29.00 for the pro version. The app features photos, drawings, habitat description, range maps, favorite food and the bird’s various songs. It suggests similar birds based upon appearance and the bird’s song. You can also search by specifying certain criteria about the bird’s appearance. The iBird Explorer “Plus” is a full featured interactive field guide to all birds of North America and covers every species found in North America, Canada, Hawaii, and all coasts and islands. It even includes birds that are extinct. iBird Explorer Pro includes even more features which appeal to professional birders. In addition regional versions of the program are available for various portions of the USA and select countries. these programs blow away anything in print. There is no other resource that delivers so many features in such a portable format. This is one app that isn’t for the birds and is worth the money.

iPhone App for a Song

Do you dream of becoming a famous lyricist or a 50’s beat poet? Perhaps instead, you long to try a little free style rapping with you homies. Then again maybe Weird Al Yancovich is more your style.

Alas, you lack rhythm and couldn’t carry a tune even if it was a knapsack. Moreover, you lack the financial wherewithal and sound production resources to produce your own album. What should you do to quench this insatiable thirst to fulfill your musical potential as a real artist? Well, look no more.

Songify is here. It’s as simple as pushing a button and letting your rant out for the world to hear. Songify infuses your spoken words with pitch and rhythm while providing the music and back up band to boot.

It’s so easy even my 80 year old father could turn out a hit song dissing banks within a matter of a couple minutes. Best of all Songify is a free download and provides a ready platform to share your performance with friends via email, on Facebook or by posting it to Songify’s website where it can be heard by other Songify performers on the worldwide web. So get going today… your audience is waiting.