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My iPhone or My Wife?

Alright, maybe it’s a guy thing that I initially became just a bit obsessed with all my iPhone was capable of doing. For a guy who grew up with  computer punch cards, Dick Tracy gadget watches and Pong, the iPhone seemed almost like science fiction. It’s a pocket-sized computer/phone that can act as a GPS device, calendar, personal phonebook, remote portal to my office computer, encyclopedia (in fact a whole library), game station, stereo, TV, law library, department store, auction, post office, recorder, wi-fi hot spot and movie theater just to mention a few things it can do.

I initially spent hours mastering all that the iPhone was capable of doing. My wife and daughters railed on me for the amount of time I spent on this extraordinary device. How could I possibly find this device so captivating? My sons seemed to understand my obsessive fascination with the iPhone. Come on I don’t complain about the mindless adventures of the Bachelorette.

Anyway there maybe other iPhone addicts like me. Are iPhone support groups out there? Is there some twelve-step program that will cure this affliction? Is Steven Jobs and Apple destined for the same fate as the tobacco companies… targets of a massive class action lawsuit? I hope not.

I’m sorry I have to cut this post short. I must write some emails and check my calendar while I listen to some Steely Dan on my iPhone.


Greetings and Welcome to the Fascinating World of iPhone Apps

This blog discusses the expanding world of iPhone Apps. The iPhone is an all-purpose computing and communicating device that has endless potential to entertain, educate and aid. I look forward to exploring and discussing the world of Apps for the iPhone.